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Bloodborne PS4

A must have for RPG fans I got this game for fathers day and I didnt think I d like it I died quite a bit within the first few days of the game and I just beat this game last night it took me 105 hours. This game is creepy fun and addictive the storyline is hard to follow but the cutscenes make up for it. I have never played a souls game but after this I am interested. Let me say the combat system and lock on was the only letdown in this game besides talking to that creepy doll. Although I got the true ending or real ending I worked very hard I dont how many times I d die on a boss and say ill get him next time and it made me go back for more.There are 2 other ending as well graphics are a ten play it within your headphones on at like 2 am.The sound effects mess with you there are hidden dangers and secrets around every corner you must decide at times to run or fight.It would be wise to stalk up on weapons and firearms and when fighting the bosses in this game stay back and study there attack patterns. I must say I paid 40 for this game I dont mind pay 60 dollar s for a game when I get my moneys worth. The only other knock on this game is no dlc and playing co-op is a pain. If you like RPGS with a story then this is your game .A must buy

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